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PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2015 7:13 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat
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laurenashleyfeltner wrote:
CMYKjill wrote:
My cats hate the harness. One won't let me touch her when it's in my hand. The other collapses when it's on. Your cat is beautiful by the way.

My cat does the whole collapsing thing too. It's quite comical at times because she will walk with her body less than an inch of the ground and climbs with her claws to get anywhere. I think she's getting more used to it now but she still walks funny! Has your cat gotten accustomed to the harness?

I need to give it another try. They turn one in a couple of weeks and are going through so many personality changes. Grace can be difficult, and I don't think she will ever let me put it on her unless I do it when she is asleep. Lately she refuses to come in the house at night. Every night I am chasing her around the patio with a toy in my night gown trying to trick her to come in. Blondie usually comes to me when I call her, and she will let me put it on and then pretends she can't walk. She is pretty shy around strangers so I don't know if she will want to go on a walk. Grace on the other hand charges after people and other animals. I think she would like to take a walk if I could just get it on her. Maybe in time they will be more receptive.


PostPosted: Wed Apr 01, 2015 2:23 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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I find it comical the differences in the cats in wearing a harness. Sometimes it could be the type of harness. A harness jacket has more fabric and the cat may find it bothersome. An H harness, to me, is the better of the H and figure 8. The figure 8 closes at the neck with one closure, while the H harness has two (neck and about the body. All you can do is keep trying to get the harness on. Raiden never laid down at all. He stood right up and walked around. Of course you make sure it's not on so tight that the cat can't breathe or move in it. But, I'd definitely keep trying. If the cat just lays there and doesn't fight the harness, I'd leave it on for a while. At some point, the cat is going to have to get up and see that wearing it isn't that bad and they can walk around wearing it. If they literally fight to get the harness off, they really aren't ready and may never be. I will say Raiden's previous owner told me he had tried to put a harness on Raiden early on in Raiden's life and it didn't work! I put a harness on him and everything was fine and we were out the door on our first walk in a matter of minutes.

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