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 Post subject: Introductions
PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 9:10 am 
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hi all, I need some introductions advice. I adopted a Toyger from our local shelter who is an 18 month old male. Our other 3 cats (one of which is a Bengal) get on fine and play all the time.
I've got the new arrival in our spare room whilst he gets confidence and used to the surroundings.

There is a good size gap under the door for scent to transfer and I've been swapping blankets since his arrival on Saturday. I've also got a deli way diffuser upstairs and down.

This morning all the 3 were outside so I let Tony (the toyger) roam the house for an hour or so. Without thinking, I let Ralph our Bengal (who is normally the easiest going cat ever) in and the two met. Growling and hissing from Ralph which I've never seen from him before. Tony had a bogbrush tail and was himself vocal.
I wasn't intending for such an early meet- not sure if I've done some damage in a successful meeting later in the week.

Any suggestions?

 Post subject: Re: Introductions
PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:03 am 
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They just need time....... Try to create positive energy meanwhile both are in the same room (like food and play)

Good luck!

 Post subject: Re: Introductions
PostPosted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 2:35 pm 
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This was the first meeting! Many times there is this reaction. Don't worry about this. Slow introductions are the best and take time. There are ways to help things along -- feed the two in the same area, making sure they are both hungry so they concentrate on the food, but know the other is there. Bring them both in an area for play and play with them individually (you will need another person -- one person per cat). They know the other cat is there, but the toys are a distraction. You can't leave them separated forever, so you just have to work a little at a time and keep at it until they at least tolerate each other -- they should end up becoming great friends. It's difficult sometimes in bringing in a new cat. Bengals can be highly territorial and some new smell has come into their space. I know my Raiden HATES other cats. He would never allow another cat in our household. Sometimes a certain number of cats is best. An extra one can tip the scales. I love the fact that so many people love cats so much that they want several. I wish I could have that in my household, but hubby is not a cat lover and Raiden is all I get.

Hang in there. Do not stress out over this too much. Work with the two kitties every single day and soon your household should be running smoothly with the cats somewhat liking each other. It may take severals weeks. Good luck.

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