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PostPosted: Tue Nov 04, 2014 5:51 am 
Bengal Kitten

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[font=fantasy][font=Helvetica] I currently live in Korea and was trying to purchase a bengal kitten that was listed on craigslist. The person was living in Jeju so I had to have it shipped to mainland Korea. They asked for 65 dollars for shipping cost then after I sent that money they then asked me to send all of the money to cameroon for "insurance" and then told me the cat had to be microchipped for the flight. I told them I would not pay for the insurance that the current owner could pay, but I stupidly sent the 25 dollars them via money gram. They then said the cat was in the vet doing the microchip and would be on the flight in the morning and they would contact me with the information. They never replied again. The ad was being moderated this morning by craigslist and I tried to call the number they gave me on the receipt and it said it was not a working number. I lost 100 dollars on the shipping, just goes to show you that they will make up any story to get you to fall for their scheme. I am just happy I didn't send the 200 dollars more they requested. I got an email from the "supposed owner" saying she paid the insurance, but that is the last I heard, clearly the person was in on it from the beginning.[/font]
If you get a company called wide navigation saying they will deliver your cat, its a scam, its ran out of cameroon not Korea. I reported them to the authorities, but I am sure I am out of the money. The story the person gave person advertising was a believable story. They claimed they were leaving Korea to go back permanently to their home in Australia and couldn't take the cat do to quarantine and said they were trying to find a "loving" home for her and that was what was important. Since so many people come and go here as English teachers I believed her story. Anyways, just be careful out there. No one will give you a cat like that for nothing. I saw on the only site in English for pets in Korea tons of ads for bengals, savannahs, all kinds of exotic pets, some you can tell they yanked the pic off the web, some look more professional but they all have a gmail account under different names. I suspect its the same person or a ring of scammers. I learned my lesson this time. Also they are using "paypal" as payment too, but since they have you send the money to an email address your not protected so its not a safe method either.

here is the website just to be wary if they contact you

PostPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2014 12:13 am 
Asian Leopard Cat

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That's why you should always deal with a reputable breeder and check references. I'm sorry you were scammed, but there were a lot of clues that you were getting in deeper than you should have. First of all, I never trust Craiglist ads! Thanks for posting this here. It may help someone else.

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