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PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, 2015 5:57 am 
Bengal Kitten

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We adopted our two girls Cotillion (approx 3 years old) and Mini (approx 1.5 year old) almost 1 year ago. Now they both on a diet to manage their weight. Mini's 9.4lbs which is a good one I think while Cotillion is 11.6 lbs who's need to lose some weight.

Since last time we took them to our vet, vet said Cotillion should lose some weight (under 10 lbs would be great), we tried Hill's Science Diet Weight Loss Formula (vet recommonded). However, our girls almost ran out of the food with no change.

I usually feed twice daily and 1/4 cup per time dry cat food according to the instruction durning weekdays and wet food durning weekends. We know wet food will help, but both my husband and I are too busy durning workday morning.

We bought da bird, a laser, and other toys to get Cotillion move. However, Mini is the one who always pays more attention to the toys or responds to us while Cotillion is lying on the floor and watch. I tried to play with Cotillion in a private room but nothing change.

My husband bought a Food Dispenser and a slow feed bowl, Cotillion still shows no interest to them.

Finally, I found Cotillion always sit near the window to watch birds. So I thought maybe taking Cotillion outside for walking would help. I asked our vet and followed the advices. After 2 months training, we thought Cotillion should try to walk outside.

She escaped!! The first time I take her outside! It never happened before. Leaving the leash, harness and me! I followed her to the grove near our house for 30 mins and got her back. Now I'm too nervous to get her out again.

Is anyone can help me? give me some more advice? Is there another brand of cat food shows better effect? we don't want Cotillion to take the prescription cat food cause she's absolutely not at that stage.

Thanks a lot!

PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, 2015 3:19 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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It sounds like your vet is going by the range for female bengals, which is up to 10 pounds. That doesn't mean that your bengals are overweight by any means. I'm putting a chart here that shows the body sizes. Bengals are highly muscular. If the body shape is normal, then the weight is fine. Diets are the same for humans and cats. Eat less calories, be more active and the weight should come off. However, if your kitty only needs to lose a little over a pound, it may take a months or two. That's 10% of the body weight.

As for losing your kitty out of the harness and leash, there are a couple of thoughts that come to mind. First of all, she was not used to the harness and was fighting it. A cat has to be comfortable wearing the harness before you ever take them out for a walk. Next, what type of harness did you use? A figure 8 harness is easily gotten out of as there is one clasp at the neck. The figure H is a little more difficult with two clasps. And you need it tight enough to only be able to slip one of your fingers underneath it. A loose harness will allow a cat to break free. A fabric walking jacket is another option. I would not give up on the walking, but just make sure your cat will walk (and not jump, run, fight the harness). Raiden and I take twice daily walks and he was used the harness immediately. That doesn't always happen. Have your kitty wear the harness around the house until she's comfortable with it. Of course, going outside for the first time can startle a cat. Raiden was an outdoor cat for his first 6 years, so that might have been a factor.

Have a look at this chart and see where your kitties fall in it:

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