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 Post subject: The Bengal temperament
PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 11:25 am 
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The Bengal cat as well as being aesthetically beautiful also possesses an equally beautiful nature.

The character of this unique breed is far from being laid-back. Bengals are very active cats. Their energy sometimes knows no bounds and they are constantly a great source of entertainment for their owners with their funny antics, their intelligence and their climbing and jumping skills.

It is nothing out of the ordinary to catch an inquisitive Bengal’s nose in a newly brought in carrier bag full of shopping in the hope to ‘steal’ the contents and run off before you have a chance to catch them!
Bengals delight in bringing you a ‘present’ from perhaps the kitchen, whether a washing up brush or a utensil from the counter top. A Bengal won’t be put off sitting patiently by a hot pan of water on the hob if the smell of the contents is too enticing to ignore!
Some owners even invest in child locks as Bengals are very clever at opening handles and an open fridge or cupboard door is too great a temptation for a Bengal not to investigate!


Bengals are very keen on playing ‘fetch’; a rolled up piece of paper or a straw will suffice - as long as they can give chase they are eager to please their owners and they are easy to train too.

Wand toys are a must-have for Bengals. Leaping in the air is a speciality with them, and as well as wearing them out it helps to keep those large Bengal muscles in tip top condition.
Climbing curtains and doors is another Bengal skill; height doesn’t phase these cats. You will often see one perched happily on the top of a door/kitchen cupboard or even balancing on a picture rail if they can fit!

Bengals and water can go hand in hand. Some Bengals prefer water more than others. To the ones that like it; they will relish jumping in a bath or sitting under the shower. Others will be satisfied with ‘skimming’ the surface of their water bowl with a paw and making puddles on the floor.

Bengals get along with other cats and animals very well although the normal ‘settling in’ period applies to them as with any other newcomer to the household, and equally a newcomer to an established Bengal home will be welcomed given sufficient time.

The inquisitive nature of the Bengal make them very endearing to people. It is common for Bengals to meet new visitors with a nose in a bag, a paw on a shoelace or even climbing up the visitor’s back!


The fearless and confident nature of these cats ensures that they delight in watching fireworks out of a window or playing with the vacuum cleaner rather than cowering behind a sofa or hiding behind the door from the noise. Mischievous Bengal kittens even enjoy a ride on a broom or being ‘swept up’ along with the dust!

Bengals are an incredibly beautiful breed, both inside and out. Their human-friendly nature, loyalty, intelligence, and loving disposition make them popular with owners who want a lively, loving and sociable pet companion.


Best Wishes,

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