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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:33 pm 
Bengal Kitten

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My female, Fancy whom is 5 seems to be depressed. I know bengals are very active but with Fancy that isn't the case. She sleeps all day, plays maybe once a day when I get her to prey and pouch at a toy a few times. But other that that she finds a high place or window and sleeps away. At night she sleeps by my head on my pillow. She is attached to me out of my family of 4. She follows me every move I make when she is awake. She loves to cuddle at my feet, and for me to rub her belly. What bothers me is she doesn't play!!!!! She doesn't meow unless she is hungry.

A little back history of her as to why I think she is scarred. When she was 1 the people I lived next to got divorced and moved, Fancy was there cat. When they moved they threw her outside and never looked back. I saw her one day and was amazed I saw her knowing they had a Bengal and I saw one. It was winter and I felt bad for her. She would not let me catch her or touch her, so I left her out food and water daily. I left a heat lamp and a bed in our outdoor shed for her on cold nights, and one year later she runs in the house and never leaves. She wouldn't even go back outside. Someone bought the house next door and knew I had her, well they left her papers inside the house and brought them to me. Soon after I contacted the breeder and returned her to the breeder, I wasn't sure about wanting to keep her. The breeder eventually called me a month later and asked me if I wanted her back due to her seeming like she missed me. Meowing daily, all day. So I talked to my husband and we decided to take her in! She is my baby, and right when the breeder brought her back she ran straight to my bed, cuddled, and quit meowing!!!

Ever since she has had the same relaxed sleepy personality. I have had her 3 years. I called the breeder recently due to us still talking from time to time thinking of adding another Bengal to the family, well one word lead to another and I now have a male Bengal. Fancy doesnt seem to mind him (I have had him two months), she seems to play with him a little when she is awake, but now having my male Bengal I realize how active he is vs Fancy. Which had me thinking she is depressed, or maybe that's just who she is?!?!? I need advise as to helping her if she needs it or knowing she is just a plain lazy Bengal.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2017 4:56 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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Welcome to our forum! Please tell me the you have taken Fancy to the vet to have her checked out. She should be going once a year for a wellness checkup. There could be a number of things going on that are causing her to not behave like a normal bengal. Initially, my thought was she is not a true bengal, but you were given papers and dealt with the breeder, so that is not the case. My bengal is 10 years old and very active. I WISH he would sleep all day and night! Ha ha. But, that being said, please consider taking her to the vet and having some tests run on her -- blood, urine, feces, just to make sure everything is in the normal range. And if something isn't, then you can deal with it. I know when a cat is eating and drinking and using the litter box normally, we think all is well, but it is highly unusual for a bengal -- and a young one at that -- to not want to play or be very active.

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