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PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 12:10 am 
Bengal Kitten

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Hey folks,

new to forum and first post. We have two bengals; a 10 month old who we've had since 15 weeks old and a new kitten (non-litter mates or from same breeder) who is now 16 weeks old.

We introduced them slowly and kept them close, but apart, in adjoining rooms for several days before giving them short periods of time with each other before then separating them again. They have separate litter trays and food/water bowls.

They have been quite well behaved to the point of now sleeping on the same cat tree wrapped up together but we have noticed some disturbing behaviour.

Bollinger, or "Bolli" (our older Bengal) will chase Billecart, or "Billy", the younger kitten and they will play, and fight, quite aggressively at times (Billy will hiss, pin her ears back and swipe at Bolli as Bolli nips at her back and feet). Billy will very often roll on her back and submit to Bolli. Sometimes, Billy will chase her and attack her. The play "looks" harmless but the noise and "passion" with which they attack each other seems over-the-top. These are our first Bengals after years of having other orientals. There are no other cats in the house.

Our challenge, and this may be our human nature attempting to understand the cats, is reconciling them sleep together cuddled up with the fighting and hissing.

Is this normal for Bengals? Any advice or thoughts for us?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 4:01 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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Welcome to our forum!!! Congrats on your bengal babies! There are many members here with multiple cats and multiple bengals who may be able to offer up better advice. Since we can't "see" what you are actually talking about, I'm going to venture a guess! This is play -- plain and simple. While you think it seems aggressive, usually the cats will howl and scream while attacking or being attacked. If that happens, then it's too much. But, I have a bengal and a moggie who has been an outdoor cat that I've started letting in the house on HOT days, and they will chase each other and bat at each other. It sounds as if the older kitty is showing the kitten who is boss in the house. The fact that they will sleep together is a great sign (mine do not do that).

All you can do is continue to observe them when they are together and do not leave them alone if you have any doubts that they will co-exist okay. Your kitten will grow and I feel she will start to stand up to your boy. On the other hand, be careful that your boy doesn't bully your girl as that can cause confidence issues in your baby and other behavioral problems can crop up. Raiden used to be more aggressive toward our moggie, but he has started to stand up for himself and now the chase is on in the mornings.

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