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PostPosted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 8:14 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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Yes I did it... successfully. And below is the story.

Ramadan is our holy month of the year followed by our feast that we celeberate with our families. Leaving Snickers behind with a pet setter or at a boarding facility was not an option. And since I was spending the holidays with my family back home in Amman, Jordan I did all the government paper work to have Snickers travel with me. Unfortunately the airline screwed things up for two consequitive days, they grant me permit to fly Snickers in the cargo section not the cabin. And I decline to do so, and return home from the airport awaiting for their main office to correct things as I demand. After losing two days, two flights and hundreds of USD for no-show penalty, finally the airline did the right thing and granted me the approval to fly Snickers in the cabin. Add to that her ticket cost was 50% more than my ticket cost. But here where the bad news ends... Snickers was granted a seat next to me (a gesture from the airline after their mishaps).

1) Snickers is trained to go out on drives, walks and even vet visits on leash. So few days before our trip I kept the soft carry bag open for her and filled it with toys to get her familiar with it. She loved playing in the carry bag at home before the trip.
2) during the drive(s) to/from the airport, Snickers at first was disturbed to be prisoned in a bag. But once I put my hand inside with her, she'd calm down, start licking my fingers and remain quiet.
3) at the airport, she was calm, quiet and observing through the bag mesh her surrounding. I gave her treats from time to time, and pet her to assure her she's not being abandoned.
4) during the bag scan, I had to get her out for the bag to get the bag scanned while holding Snickers, then they return the bag for me to put Snickers in and they pass the bag around the security check point without scanning. That's when she freaked out a bit as I got her out, and then in the bag. It was only for few seconds. But afterwards as we sat in the lounge, she was quiet and calm.
5) during boarding and the two hours flight, she was absolutely quiet and asleep. No meows, complaints, stresses or anything. From time to time I open the zipper to find her sleeping. And I get my hand in to pet her and assure her everything will be alright.
6) we passed through Jordan custom and security in a breeze and got to my parents where her happy adventure started.
7) She's the star in the family. The first day she didn't sleep jumping, dancing, running and chasing my parents and son. And they couldn't get enough of her.
8) the whole family confined themselves in a room the first day we arrived. And at night I locked her in with me in my room with her food, water and litter box.
9) the next morning, I opened my bedroom door for her to get her walk through the house and find her ways through its floors where the whole house became accessible to her.
10) she eats with us at the table and she goes to her litter box as she needs to.
11) she loves the garden, the flowers, the trees (the apricot tree is her favorite). She's having the time of her life.
12) today I even took her out for a drive in the car in the streets of Amman.

All I want to say is that she's having the time of her life. And my family are so much in love with her. She feels the love and she's flooded with their attention.

I was so worried that she'd be vocal in the carry bag during transports and during the flight, but thank God she wasn't. I was worried she'd panic from a full house after being used to live only with one human, but she's happily excited. I was worried, she'd be lost in the big house and have litter accidents, but she was smart enough to find her way.

Right now she's sleeping on a couch next to me after another long day indoors and outdoors with the family. And I can't be happier.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 8:52 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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That's wonderful! I loved reading about the experience and I am so glad your family could also enjoy Snickers... they are a joy!
You may perhaps now start Snickers' own travel blog :-)

all the best

PostPosted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 4:17 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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Hassaan, consider yourself fortunate that you have such a socialized, friendly Snickers. Many cats do not behave on a plane due to the droning noise. I am sorry you had such an issue with the airline! A lot of airlines limit the # of pets in the cabin and I would NEVER let a cat be in the cargo hold. It is dark and scary down there, especially if there are other animals. I hope your return trip is as pleasant. Travel safely.

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