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PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2017 8:38 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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I haven't trimmed my guys' claws for about 5 months now (and they're 1.5 yrs old). They scratch what they should scratch, occasionally they scratch me but then it's my own fault. They're more than happy using their scratching posts/trees/beds/toys etc... (and they must have 10+ of all of these things together) and everybody's happy. Never had any problem because of not trimming their claws and they seem to take a pretty good care of themselves so why stress them unnecessarily?


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PostPosted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:10 pm 
Bengal Kitten

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Ive had cats from almost all schools when it comes to behaviour etc and nails!
Everything from one who loved to scream like a banshee and stopped being 'solid flesh and bone cat' cat and seemed to suddenly be able to move like some liquid thing, or quicksilver or 'flubber' whenever nail cutting came around, but provided you wrapped her FIRMLY in towel, burrito style, it was a noisy and doable job.
To one who, believe it or not, would happily sit 'meditation style' in the lapof owner, (who sat in that same pose), giving not only ridiculously easy access to nails on all 4feet didn't object, struggle or anything the whole time. (It was only at end of nail trimming one discovered that thatcat had been operantlly conditioned or trained to do that. Ie had learned that if they sit still and quiet and behave while nails are cut then they then get their fav food treat. But if they made a fuss during nail trimming they got nothing. So had therefore made conscious decision to sit and be good for nail time!)
To one of my little bengal girls with whom it is a very very long process that has involved doing only one nail a day at times! She is happy for me to touch and play withetc her feet and pads, but hates her nail being touched or extended by not herself. So I actually have let her know I want to do her nails and almost literally await permission to go ahead. Which may sound nuts, but due to relationship dynamic we have she understands im the one in charge /the mumma and actually always gives permission. How many I can get away with doing in one session depends on how sleepy she is at that moment, how many, if any, disagreements have been had over the day, if she in an affectionate mood or a snippy mood!

With such variety that just I personally have seen, the only consistent thing , and so the only thing you need, is patience. It may take over a year, if are consistent with your efforts and approach each nail cutting attempt with mindset of loving , understanding patient, not forceful behaviour and thinking then you and cat actually will/do come to some sort of more or less workable agreement /understanding. Last thing youwant to do iis forcefully hold them down amd just do it. Especially repeatedly, as the cat will come to mistrust and resent you. Especially bengals. So take advantage of that massive bengal intellect and make them show you / decide which way they will accept you doing the nails!

PostPosted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 4:46 am 
Asian Leopard Cat

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I really appreciate this discussion. I'm the person who complained that my Bella isn't affectionate (she certainly doesn't - and I think will never - sit in my lap! The person whose Bengal does, well, you're one lucky Bengal owner and I would stop worrying about its claws if I were you). I was worrying how we were going to clip Bella's claws. We've tried. My husband is a big, strong guy, terrific with animals, and Bella went ballistic on him, growling like a wildcat, hissing - he ceased and desisted. Today I contacted a vet tech who in the past house-sat my last cat, and she said she'd try. I think I'll simply let her know that I've concluded Bella doesn't need her claws clipped. We have plenty of scratching posts.

Also: her former owner taught her to walk on a leash. She has a harness ---- but ----- well, y'all know what I'm going to say. Bella growled at me today when I tried to put her harness on. She growled at me the last time. So I said to her, "You want it that way, Bella? Well, we're just not going to be able to go for a walk." Of course, she understood I was displeased with her and now was ignoring her. But it seems I'm going to have to give up on taking her for a walk on a lead, unless any of you can suggest a way I could get her used to said harness.

And you should see her at the vet's! I had to take her a month or so ago. One vet simply gave up trying to handle her for examination: she growled, hissed, and clawed, and not even with the assistance of two vet techs could the vet handle her. I consulted a cat behaviorist who said Bella was simply terrified and this was her way of defending herself. An explanation I found quite reasonable. But my question: is this normal Bengal behavior?

Another Bella peculiarity: being extremely smart (of course) she knows exactly how to wake me up at 6 A.M. to feed her. First, she knocks objects down from the dresser next to my bed. Next, she begins clawing the sides of my mattress, extremely annoying, and extremely effective at getting me out of bed and into the kitchen! I actually (as you can see ) find this somewhat amusing. Bella sounds the alarm, so to speak, and then we all - she, my little rescue cat, Jamie, and I - proceed to the kitchen where the two girls get their first meal of the day.

Nelle Woratnac

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