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PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:24 pm 
Bengal Kitten

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Hello my name is rya and my bengals name is amara she is one year old and just recently her behaviour has gotten so bad that j can't handle it im.feeling defeated. She jumps on my tv religiously and scratches the wall while she meows. She peed on my floor and then on her cat tree twice one while I was in the room! Wakes me up every night at 4 am.I know it's from lack of stimulation and I was wondering what kind of games eceryone has came up with to keep your babies stimulated any advice is extremely appreciated

PostPosted: Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:24 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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Welcome to our forum. It sounds like your baby needs a lot of play time -- and play time means with YOU and toys. There are a lot of interactive toys available, but most bengals love wand toys to chase. Or even a laser light. She hops up on your TV because you let her. Make it difficult for her to get there.

As for the peeing, you might want to have her checked for a urinary tract infection or some other issue in the bladder. You can discus her behavior with the vet. Something is going on with her. Whether it's that she can sense other cats outside or she has some health issues, you need to really try and find out the cause. Waking one up before the alarm goes off is just what bengals do! Especially this time of year. In the winter time, mine will sleep until it gets light, which is around 7 a.m. Now, it's light out around 5:45, so he is up and about and ready to roll. You may want to make sure you feed your baby before bedtime or keep some dry food out for her. My bengal tends to just want a tummy tickle (crazy, I know ...).

Since you have just ONE bengal, it is up to you to give the attention and play time they require. I hope her behavior improves but sometimes, it's just what a bengal does.

PostPosted: Mon May 01, 2017 5:46 am 
Bengal Kitten
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Yes, definitely what Sherry said. The first thing to do when they start suddenly peeing inappropriately is take them to the vet. That way, even if there is nothing wrong found, you can at least narrow down the problem to behavioral. UTIs can be serious in cats though, so always bring them to the vet if they begin to pee in new places. In UTI cases, they will start associating litter boxes with pain, and will then avoid the litter box completely which can be a reason behind litter box issues.

My bengal Hemlock (she is still fairly new to me too!) likes interactive puzzle treat toys a lot. Petco doesn't carry and good ones, but my local pet store carries two. I've also had my eye on an interactive toy there that is flat shaped like one of those circular tube ball toys for cats to bat at, but instead of a ball, it is battery powered and has 4 holes on each side, and a feather toy will randomly stick out of a hole. It's like cat wack-a-mole. It's similar to this: ... er+cat+toy

And here are some puzzle treat toys that keep Hemlock entertained and busy: ... zle+feeder ... puzzle+toy

She also likes Catit interactive toys. Her favorite so far is the digging one. ... ords=catit
I know Catit also has another food activity toy that I'm planning to get next: ... puzzle+toy

She also uses a cat wheel and that helps with her energy too. They are a little pricey, but she loves hers a lot. The brand of the wheel is called "One Fast Cat." ... e+fast+cat

I also just found this, which I think my girl will like as she likes to dive into plastic bags and play under the covers: ... =cat+wheel

Sorry for the link heavy post, but these are definitely all things that keep Hemlock entertained! I hope some of these help!

Edit: Found the one feather interactive toy I was talking about! ... er+cat+toy

PostPosted: Mon May 01, 2017 9:05 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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My girl is very active, her favourite is da bird and I have just bought a little toy called a cat dancer it's really cheap I only paid £3 for it on Amazon.

My boy doesn't play as much as my little girl but the pair of them have gone crazy for this cat dancer, it is the simplest toy I've ever seen but they love it, you can either hold one end and they play with the other or you can put the one end in a cupboard drawer and close it so it's dangling out, I prefer to play with it with them.

I also have catit senses play circuit which Pearl loves and frolicat pounce rotating cat toy plus others similar.

Also fling-ama-string is a good one but I don't leave this one out unattended

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