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 Post subject: Bedroom issues...
PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2007 4:14 pm 
Bengal Cat

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Hi there,
I had cats in the past (when I was young), but now, my husband and I decided to have 2 Bengal cats.

(pictures here: ... .php?t=644)

They are really lovely, and in general easy to train. We have had them since the end of November and they have not destroyed anything (major). I have heard stories about the madness of Bengals, but mine are not mad, I think in comparison to other normal breeds, they are very intelligent and they actively communicate with us.

However (...!), my little silver is one big cuddly thing that needs to be cuddled, lifted regularly (when she's in the mood, and she will tell me when...!). This is lovely, in general, but not at 5.30 am.

They are not supposed to be in our bedroom. The door is always shut. When we had them new, they were in the bedroom a few times and when I was ill with a flu in January, they "looked after me" and stayed with me in bed. All the time. I think after that, it started that she requests the cuddles at 5.30 am. She starts scratching the carpet outside the door and obviously wants in. She does cause some damage on the carpet, but more annoying is the fact that we don't want to get up at 5.30 am. We have tried stinky anti cat spray, water spray, hissing at her, telling her off with the big "NO" word, she will be back within seconds or small minutes, scratching again. After I have tried to get her away from the door about 10 times, I went out just to see what she wants: cuddles. At this stage, she is soaking wet (from the water spray), I pick her up and she purrs away, happy, she is being cuddled.

What can we do to discourage her from scratching? Samson, our boy, tries it on with a really sad "miaowwwww", but when he is ignored, he will leave, and keep on sleeping in his place. But she does not understand it at all...

We are a little lost... :?

Thanks for any advice

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