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PostPosted: Fri Dec 15, 2006 2:39 pm 
This has kind of been covered in other posts, but I still don't think we've got things quite right with our two boys....also getting info from our vets and not sure if they're just trying to sell us stuff!

My boys have been neutered and I have to say that they are very well-behaved in the litter tray department - no accidents, spraying etc. We have tried a variety of litters, none of them clumping as I know that's not good (so why is it still sold??). We have been using Catsan recently but it tends to end up everywhere - little white dots all over the place. We also have a Litter Locker for scooping poops into.

It seems that no matter how often we scoop and replace litter that there is still a bit of a smell sometimes.It's not a case of not changing the tray often enough so how can we improve this situation? I don't want my house smelling of Bengal bums (more than can be avoided by their wind problem! :oops: ) but I'm a bit puzzled at what else we can do. I've avoided World's Best so far as I've heard it has a bit of a strange sweet smell.

The only alternative to a litter tray is obviously letting them outside but I am terrified of losing them (they are little rascals and love exploring places they are not meant to go :lol: ).

Has anyone got any tips that they can pass on? I know that breeders probably handle things slightly differently but what do other pet owners do? I don't think I can be more hygienic in changing the tray so is there anything else I can do? We do have a litter tray with a lid and a door - but one of our boys is terrified of the door and won't go into the box. The tray also has carbon filters, but bless 'em, my boys can remove them from the lid in a matter of seconds!

Our vets, by the way, have said that the problem is partly because they have been neutered and have said we need to feed them Hills Neutered Cat food as it lessens the smell of urine (curiously ONLY available from vets....) - call me cynical but I think this is just to sell cat food!

I feel like a very bad owner as I don't seem to be able to sort this out - but I need to do something as we're too scared of visitors to the house at the moment in case of pongs!

Thanks in advance


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PostPosted: Fri Dec 15, 2006 10:16 pm 
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I am afraid cats in the house will always smell a bit when using their litter tray. The smell is usually transient though and most cat owners really tend to ignore it, and just make sure the litter is scooped out fairly regularly. I have not found cats using the litter tray very smelly unless their stool is loose. Are your cats having any bowel problems?
Probably most cat-owners' houses smell slightly of cats to the non-cat owner nose, despite all efforts to the contrary. I would put the litter tray/s in a well-ventilated area of your house which is away from your visitors e.g. utility room, spare bedroom, toilet etc. If you do move the litter tray do it in stages as you may find you do have accidents if they are not crystal clear where you have moved it to.

As for cat litters I think most just try a lot of different ones until you find the one you like best. Speaking to other cat owners the answers vary, it is a personal thing, otherwise we would all be using the same type. I have found that those with deodorants, pine scented etc. often smell worse than the cats themselves but that is just my personal opinion. The jury is out on whether clumping litters are harmful or not. There is a post on Google Answers which answers the question very well. See

Worlds Best
I have used World's Best, I think the smell is apparent when you are up close to the litter but not when it is in the litter tray. It is a clumping litter though not of the clay variety. It clumps superbly, but is rather expensive. It is supposed to be used for a long time (weeks) with the "clumps" removed frequently. (The use of the litter for weeks is an issue for some as the coronavirus hides in the litter tray and it is the virus associated with FIP, I am not sure of Worlds Best's virucidal properties). It is however a very common litter in use and FIP is thankfully quite an uncommon disease. It does, like a lot of litters, track badly though.
I have no issues with smell but my issue is with tracking. Does anyone know of a good litter that doesn't track or tracks less than most?

Some people use chicken crumbs/layers pellets ie chicken food, especially if they have kittens. (OK if they eat it and it clumps as well, can't say regarding smell as I have never used it)

Hills Neutered cat food
I personally have not had a problem with urine smell in neutered cats and have never used the food mentioned so I cannot comment.
I do find that some cats have smellier stools on some types of cat food than on others, so perhaps experiment a little with your feeding.

Letting your cats outside.
Personally I think the risks of letting Bengals out, which I am sure you are quite aware of, far outweigh any issues of smell.
Did the breeder of your boys stipulate any conditions regarding indoor/outdoor cats. Some breeders don't sell to outdoor homes, if your breeder is one of these, he/she will not be impressed if you let them loose.


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PostPosted: Sat Dec 16, 2006 6:13 am 
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One of the things which really really helps me is that when I change the litter, I sprinkle some baking soda (any brand, usually the cheapest available) on the bottom of the pan, as well as on the new litter. Baking soda helps the odors a lot, and I never go without it.

Sprinkling it on the bottom of the pan will help the urine which will make it through the litter. Sprinkling it on the top assures that it gets mixed in when the kitties use the box...therefore helping to keep things mostly scent free.

And the last thing I use in the laundry room (which is where both boxes are kept) is a plug in air filter with carbon filters. I find that it works very well to remove the transient odors, and, combined with the baking soda, really helps neutralize the scents.

As for you being a bad kitty owner, no way. Using food only found at vets is not only expensive but not really necessary, unless it's a specialized diet (like for a diabetic cat). Use a high quality food, and make sure they have enough water, and the rest is up to nature, baking soda, and Johnny Cat litter. LOL.


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PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 9:53 am 
Thanks for all of that info - we've found some natural enzyme granules at the pet shop that you mix in with litter and it helps to neutralise smells without nasty chemicals - I'll see how that goes. They rarely have bowel problems so it must just be part of their natural charm ;-)

Our breeder didn't specifically ban us from letting the boys out but to be honest I wouldn't just let them run loose anyway. We did take them out on leads into the garden for the first time at the weekend which was highly amusing - Ernie, who is the more highly strung of the two, was perfectly happy and had a good sniff around. Bert, on the other hand, who is really laid back and purry freaked out completely at the sight of an open door and ran away under the stairs! No danger of him running away then... :D

Best wishes


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