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PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:36 am 
Senior Bengal

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I have a 3 year old female bengal who has always been an indoor cat but she desperatly does not want this. She will go to extreme sneakyness to try and get out. When I give in and bring her out on the leash she just purr's and purr's which makes me feel more guilty. She currently lives with two outdoor cats at my parents house so maybe she is jelouse?

I recently moved into town and I want to bring her with me. Was wondering how I could discourage this behavior?

Also curiouse if bengals like other cat companionship. Of the two cats she lives with, the other female hates her and just avoids her and the male is really old and could care less. She jumps on his back biting his neck to get him to play which SOMETIMES he will. Sometimes he just lays there with a bengal attachment on his neck.

I was thinking maybe a second cat would help keep her occupied. But she plays very rough even with humans. Is it normal for a bengal to play very rough? I don't care she scratches me up but I'm worried she might just make another cat angry.

I think she does well with our old male because even though he's old he is the dominent cat in the household, our other female runs away so the bengal just sees her as something to pick on.

Thanks for any tips.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 11:53 am 
Asian Leopard Cat

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I would say Bengals definitely like company and another cat with similar energy levels would provide a playmate and use up a lot of her energy. There are others on here more experienced than me who could give you advice about whether you should go for an adult or a kitten but I'd definitely say a playmate would be a good idea if you're going to moving away from her current companions.

The indoor/outdoor debate is an interesting one and depends on your circumstances and the cat you have. My 2 Bengals have 24 hour access to the outdoors and as result they expend a lot of their energy outside and are quite calm inside but not everyone is able, or wants, to let them out. Lots of people take their Bengals out on a leash and/or have outdoor runs which are a great idea and probably more suitable for you if you're moving into town. Bengals are very intelligent, inquisitive and very active so you need to find ways of providing your girl with the stimulation she needs when you move. Feline company would be a good start :)


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PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:27 pm 
Bengal Cat

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Bobs 4 months now and every time his big siamese brother goes out he makes the most unearthly racket!

Think he's scared of what he's missing.

My personal opinion is that their just cats (albeit special ones) and if you can let them out do it.

If not get a lead, our big boy jinx started out on it and he loves being out now.

I'm just looking forward to the resevoir dogs moment when Bob (bengal) leads the three siamese down the path and all the other cats run lol.

Seriously though do you want a safe house cat or worrying about a cat outside, we're lucky and have a huge area backing onto woods.

If you dont have that luxury maybe get a playmate and a pen and a lead?

Incidently my vet has vetoed neutering until at least 7 months and preferably 12 months in fear of stunting him?

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 6:58 pm 
Bengal Kitten

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If you do not want it to go outside without its leash you could tie it out (like a dog) so it can not go far, that way you do not have to be outside with it. I also have a cat that when she was younger would dart out the door any chance she got even though I kept her in at all times. She out grew this after a veiw yrs, but I do not let her out even on a leash.

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