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 Post subject: Noise
PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2015 3:18 am 
Bengal Kitten

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We have a beautiful Bengal male aged 4.
We moved in to ground floor apartment 2 years
Ago and she goes in and during the day,we
Are getting complaints about him attacking
Other cats and jumping up and smashing into
Neighbours window in the middle of the night. Also during
The night he is very loud and will not settle until
We let him out. We are all losing sleep and even
Our dogs are stressing with the noise
They all get out fine during day... Any suggestions
Before we have to re home him which is
Our last resort! Thanks jo

 Post subject: Re: Noise
PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2015 12:59 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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Is your bengal neutered? If not, this is the issue and you need to have him neutered. Cats should not be allowed to roam free outdoors. Bengals are highly territorial. My Raiden tries to go after every cat he sees on our daily walks. The other cats are just sitting there minding their own business. The fact that your cat is causing problems for the neighbors is the main issue. If you want to keep him, then you'll have to confine him inside. Bengals enjoy walking with a harness and leash and he can enjoy the outdoors that way. Or, you invest in a cat enclosure of some type -- there are so many varieties and do-it-yourself enclosures. Just google "cat enclosure" and view all the images. Make sure the inside of your house is catified with cat trees and lots of toys. Play with your bengal. Your bengal is behaving normally. With bengals, especially, you have to give them time and attention. It's easy to just let them outside when they get rowdy or want to go out, but you will end up with problems if your neighbor complains to animal control. If you are not prepared to find a solution for this, you may end up rehoming your cat.

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