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PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2014 4:18 pm 
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I put this in the tips & advice column because I've learned a lot from my kids in the last month.

I'm very happy to say that Jarvis and Pepper are getting along great and have adjusted well to me and my home! It has taken some time and patience on my part. Pepper remains the outgoing purr-factory and Jarvis is a little more nervous and shy even now. We're taking it slow and I pet him when he comes up to me and lays down for a nap with his sister.

They have such different personalities even being from the same litter and I can't emphasize how glad I am that I decided to get two of them. They keep each other company when I have to work and being a single professional, I sometimes end up having to stay late.

I've adjusted a lot of things about my schedule and the way I do things to accommodate for 2 curious kittens that want to get into everything. The thoughts of 15 week old kittens: Can I jump on it? Can I bite it? Can I eat it?

I've revisited all the electric cords in my house and have wound them up with velcro to ensure that the kittens don't have coils and coils of free cord to chew on. When they do get caught gnawing on them I tell them no and distract them into doing something else. The key to stopping behavior you don't want is to distract them into doing things that are acceptable when you can catch them.

I have used the spray bottle of water and that also deters bad behavior, but the new use of the laser toy is to get them interested in something else.

They eat well and I'm gradually switching them out of their old food into new food by mixing the two dry types. They still get a can of food in the morning since they're growing. And don't think for a minute you should get those cute little kitten saucers- the kids grew out of theirs within like 2 weeks and I ended up getting bigger bowls for food and water. That was a waste of $22.00.

Two litter boxes were a great idea. Jarvis tends to use the one in the living room more and Pepper likes the one in the back more. I only have to clean them out about once a day or once every 36 hours more or less. I am also keeping the house a lot cleaner these days. Keeping the floor clear of debris and the counter tops and tables free and clear of anything that might get inadvertently swallowed or gnawed on. Right now the kids love their myriad of toys and they sleep on their cat condo at night. They're currently enjoying a piece of twine they ripped off their scratching post!

This house has gone from having a kitten "safe room" to a human "safe room". At night I let them run the apartment but I keep them out of my bedroom so I get a good night's sleep. They get to come in my room when I'm up or gone for the day.

We're still working on the front door issue and I want to start training them for harnesses and leashes now that they're finally fully settled in. I'm so grateful for these 2 sparks of energy! Endless entertainment and love and affection.

It's easy to be an anxious bengal parent when they first arrive home. Relax into it, enjoy the time, and give them time as well. Jarvis and I are still working on trusting each other completely and I'm giving him the space and time he needs. He may never be as affectionate as Pepper and that's ok.

Thanks for all the great advice so far and I'm sure I'll have more questions as they continue to grow.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, 2014 5:06 pm 
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I hope many new bengal owners read this post. You have covered just about everything. I would caution owners to use a spray bottle sparingly or not at all. Cats don't like it, obviously, but it can bring up trust issues for the cat. It's so much better to distract them with a toy.

I'm familiar with the front door issue since my bengal was allowed to roam the outdoors at will for 6 years before I got him. We do take daily walks (twice a day on weekends and when I'm home from work). The good thing about these walks is that your kitties will become familiar with your home and surroundings, so if they ever escape, they will return. Raiden knows his way home, so I don't worry, but usually when he gets out, he stops and I can run out and grab him and bring him back inside. You can alway create a nice outdoor enclosure for your kitties so they can enjoy the freedom of not being harnessed in. I will be interested in how you walk two of them, when each wants to go in a different direction.

You've learned a LOT about your bengals ..... and you've proven that they all have different personalities. Congratulations and enjoy them.

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