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PostPosted: Thu Dec 05, 2013 9:21 pm 
Bengal Kitten

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HELP! Please can anyone lend us a bit of advice?

We have a 9 year old spayed female 4th Generation Bengal Cross called Waxy. We have had her since she was just a tiny kitten, had her spayed etc... She is a colourful character; we have had other 'moggies' before, but not ever come across a Bengal cat - boy, we were in for a learning curve! She loves to follow us when we go on family walks - meowing as if we are deserting her. When the kids are out playing on the green in front of our house, she has to always be by their side - as if watching over them.

She is a feisty character... Many visitors to our home shy away from her, as she is prone to giving them a quick swipe or meowing at them, scaring them! She even hisses, if we get 'too close' in her eyes or try to put her outside for a quick wee before bedtime. We have always picked Waxy up and flipped her over onto her back for a cuddle - but this can only be done on her terms and if that person shows her that they mean business.

She has a 'safe zone' - the utility is her place - she has her food, bed and scratching post there.

Over time it has become obvious that she is easily upset by change - when we have bags out ready for packing to go on holiday/changing furniture around in a room/ decorating a room - each time this has elicited her in spraying. At first we didn't know she was doing it, but came across a smell, and then located the damaged items she'd sprayed against. We have gradually associated the spraying with these environmental changes, and tried to make sure that she is kept away from these unavoidable happenings.

Waxy also has a morning ritual of spraying in set places around the garden, but it is the problem that she has started spraying in the house now and without obvious reason to us. She will often 'mime' spraying - backing up to things and starting to 'shake' in our kitchen, but we shoo her off. Last week however, she actually sprayed up against a school bag which was on the floor in the kitchen!
The only thing that was different was that there were 2 children in the house who were not our own kids, but they are familiar to Waxy. It really puzzles us and we would love to stop her from partaking in this frustratingly smelly habit.

Does anyone else have any advice or understanding of this?
We are really desperate to get some help.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 1:15 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat
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Something is clearly upsetting her - Has another cat come into her home and wandered around without you knowing, perhaps?

You will need to clean up all the areas indoors where she has sprayed with a good enzymatic cleaner to get rid of the scent markings. Don;t use vinegar or bleach as that smells like cat pee to them, so she will mark more to cover that up....

A lot of people have used Feliway sprays and diffusers in this sort of instance, and found them to be successful in alleviating the stress spraying (and aggression!) so it may benefit you / Waxy on multiple levels.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 11:48 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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Cats are prone to stress, too. Happy kitties don't usually spray indoors. My male sprays outside on our walks, but never inside. It's a territorial thing with him outside with neighborhood cats. You believe you understand what's causing this -- change. And some cats handle "change" better than others. Obviously, you need to keep a constant in her life because that's what she needs.

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