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PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 10:38 pm 
Bengal Kitten

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i am the proud owner of a snow bengal boy called Keanu.
We have now had him about 3 weeks and he has settled in well. Ive bought him a big cat scratching post with cubby holes and platforms etc, but id like to do more.

he loves climbing the indoor clothes airers we have and well climbing just about everything, so would like to give him more.

is there any easy DIY stuff i could set up for him? anyone got any good ideas?

it will all have to be indoor stuff as we dont have a garden.

if there is something already invented that i can buy online then that would be even better as im not very DIY orientated,lol.

thanks :D

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 12:00 am 
Asian Leopard Cat

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Ours loves....

The washing basket - with or without washing.
Paper bags.
Cardboard boxes - he loves these especially.
Rolled up balls of paper being thrown.

I discovered he loves to chase plastic bottle tops round the kitchen floor (they were on the drainer) is now attached to a piece of string attached to the end of a long cardboard tube (from christmas wrapping paper). It's great for Bengal fishing.
When we changed the duvet last he liked being on the sheet while we each held the corners and lifted him up (Indy trampolining).

Aran has some toys Indy really loves, a real pinball machine being one which he loves to sit on top of and follow the ball round (bit of an expensive toy really :roll: ).

Remote control mouse, car and mini helicopter. :)

The computer printer - he always runs into the room to watch it when he hears it starting up.

Toilet paper - he thinks he is an Andrex kitten so always keep the loo door shut.

You can't read a newspaper without him wanting to be in it.

I'm sure I will think of more stuff. Indy usually comes up with the idea of what he likes with the stuff we leave lying around

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2007 9:12 am 

I've found that the simplest toys are the best! My boys are happiest playing with anything shiny and crinkly (like crisp packets tied into bows), they also like plastic wine corks (I think they mistake them for small bones!) and we have had to stop leaving the nut bowl on the coffee table as they can hook walnuts out very efficiently - what worries me is that they manage to crack the shells :-)

I did buy them various toys to begin with, but to be honest they like the "free" things most and whatever makes them happy.......saves me money too!

My boys also love the washing basket - wonder if this is a Bengal or general cat thing??

Best wishes


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PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2007 8:05 pm 
Senior Bengal

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I have to agree about the simplest toys being Leo's favorites! We had bought him a bunch of toys in the beginning, but he still goes straight for the little furry mice, bottle caps, wine corks (when he sees me getting ready to open a bottle, he gets up on the counter and starts howling like a banshee for me to toss it to him! lol). We also have to keep the bathroom doors closed, or he tears up the toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels. Once I had left a 6-pack of toilet paper outside the bathroom, while I was cleaning... 10 mins later, I came out to find the entire package in shreds on the floor, happy Leo in the middle of it all. LOL

The clothes basket, boxes, and large paper bags are great, he's constantly jumping in and out of them, doing somersaults, and chewing on the cardboard. Watch out for magazines, too... Leo sits in the magazine basket and just tears up the paper to his heart's content. He doesn't eat it, he just likes to rip it up. LOL

Now-a-days he likes to play in our garage... he'll throw himself onto the concrete and wiggle around on his back. We left an empty water bottle case (with plastic around it, open on each end), which he loves to jump in and out of, and chase his bottle caps and corks inside of. He hides in there, thinking we can't see him (when of course, it's clear plastic!). I think he just has fun with whatever catches his fancy at the moment, and definitely has a knack for entertaining himself.

We're in the process of looking for a suitable playmate for him though, as I do think he gets lonely while we're at work all day. I think he'd be much happier!

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