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PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 9:55 am 
Asian Leopard Cat

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Elsa213, i think you need to read my post again, i have not once suggested putting the kitten back in the ditch, all i have pointed out is that these people
to quickly just took the kitten in, without waiting to see if mum was around.

so if this was say, a tiger, or lion cub would you have given the same advise,
i think not, but because it's an alc and people like you obviously know so much about them it's o.k, i think you need to find another forum to post on,
because you seem to like upsetting people, putting people down for not having a 100% bengal for example.

And as for suggesting that a wild animal would do better in a domestic home,
instead of with it's mother in the wild is ' CRAP ' all wild animals should be just that, WILD, life for them is not always easy, but it's what they know.

JUST MY OPINION..........................................

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 4:34 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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Wild animals are just that, I agree with that, I have no feelings to go and "rescue" wild cat kittens just because they would be safer with me than with their mother. My point is that this kitten is not "wild" any longer and placing it back there is probably not in its best interests.

I realise that had the kitten been always in the wild, then that would be the best option. However as things are, then handing it to the authorities is probably a death sentence and I as an animal lover cannot condone that when I feel the better option is for it to have a domestic home.
ALC's are very small/ timid cats and I do not think we are in danger of losing lives as you would be if it was a big cat.

Tigers and lion cubs are a different kettle of fish, but I have met a lady whose uncle had a pet adult lion in his house in South Africa and she and her sister when they were small, used to ride on its back. It was a "rescue" cub and was no danger to anyone for the whole of its life.

I am sorry to have upset you regarding "wild animals" you obviously feel quite deeply about this but I just feel that perhaps the emphasis on placing all wild animals back in the wild for their own good is a bit overrated and I feel more thought should go into looking at the needs of the particular animal involved. We salve our conscience by saying we have done our best when in reality we have sent some animals to almost certain death in the wild. We can however always say "it is natures way".

I feel that some animals are much better off in the wild but some who have been perhaps been unfortunate to have been rescued as babies and who have not had the "wild maternal" care are facing unsurmountable challenges being returned to the wild and the general policy should be fine tuned.

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