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 Post subject: Newest baby girl
PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:38 pm 
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I have a 2-yr male Bengal and had another for 13 years (by far my best animal I ever had and had to sadly put down. Recently got another one - a 3-mo girl this time. Never have had a girl before. My 2-yr old is a very laid back kitty . . Love him but just super relaxed. My new girl is more vocal and playful. She seems extremely interested in things, smart, curious and so on. She loves water unlike my other Bengal and is pretty smart to figure stuff out! My 2-yr old is very smart to but just doesn't seem to care as much.
A few questions - she has taken quickly and strongly attached to me. We've had her about 2-weeks and she almost seems obsessed with me. She will go to the other adults if she has to. I love the relationship and the interaction she provides. I've never had a cat get so attached to quickly to one person . . Is that normal?
She will be an indoor only cat but I've been taking her in cat rides and such (in a safe carrier). She does great on a leash and harness. Would it be a good idea to take her on more outings with me. We go to park across the street a lot (usually empty) and I would like to let her explore more to help encourage a outgoing socialized kitty. My first Bengal had special needs and he required a liquid diet his whole life so he HAD to go everywhere with me. I want her to be relaxed hopefully as he was but am not sure if I should if I want her to be indoors only. I did buy a nice expandable mesh carrier for her.

Last question - I've been clicker training her. I did clicker Association for about a week (had the flu so I didn't move on to more) and then yesterday started to teach her sit. By the end of the day she had it down! We will only work on this for a few more days . . Don't want to move on to quickly. I've read up a bit though and gathered that once she knows the trick well I don't always have to use the clicker or offer a treat. I know I need to keep the ratio with at least a treat high but yesterday I didn't have anything and happen to say sit and she instantly sat and looked at me like she does with the clicker. I just rewarded her with extra loves. That's the correct way to do it sometimes correct? I didn't want to confuse her. I was able to buy some fresh cat food bites from the fridge at a local farm and feed store that are very awesome, healthy and high quality to offer as treats so that it's not junk food.

Other then that I've bought her tons of interactive toys which she masters quickly. Really trying to work hard with her especially since she is so young. I assume it's similar to young children and how quickly heir brains learn and grow.

Any other ideas, tips, input? She is young, out going, very smart and I want to make the most of this new kitty relationship. My 2-yr old kitty is loving her and engaging but still more of a independent chill fellow.

Sorry for how poorly typed this is . . On a broken small phone.

 Post subject: Re: Newest baby girl
PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:09 pm 
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Congratulations on your baby girl. Many bengals become closely bonded with one person! Your male is obviously very laid back which is unusual for a bengal. Your little lady is acting more like a bengal. There are bengals who get taken everywhere! First of all, make sure she is microchipped. And make sure that whatever you take her out in is secure. You do not want something spooking her and she bolts and gets out of the harness or whatever you may be carrying her in. Bengals who get used to traveling become super travelers.

Mystic is a bengal here who has been clicker trained. This isn't something my bengal would go for nor would I have the patience to teach him. I'd much rather he come to me when I call his name rather than react to a click with a treat! But, everyone is different and if you enjoy training her, that's fine.

You mention young children and you should know that this little lady will always behave like a two-year old. She sounds curious so I hope you have everything bengal proofed in your house. She is very lucky to have you.

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