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PostPosted: Sat Mar 25, 2006 5:24 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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Hi to all,
I have been giving a lot of thought into getting Tia a friend, we have now had Tia for 5 months as the only cat in the house hold (she is now 8 months old),
we always intended on buying two bengals but could not afford them both together (and being impatient i cound'nt wait as all i could think about night and day was owning my own bundle of spots).

The breeder i brought Tia from has just had a new litter, and we would love to have one of the new babies, my only concern is that Tia wont except a new addition to the house hold, as she has only had human contact since leaving her litter mates.

Has anyone here on the forum experienced introducing a new addition to a cat after such a long time as the only cat?

And is there any advise you could give me as i would like to make it as painless as possible for Tia, as the last thing i want is for her to feel that we dont love her anymore :? and for her to then hate her new friend.

Many thanks
Nikki :)

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 26, 2006 1:08 pm 
Bengal Kitten

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I had similar fears when I brought home my second Bengal boy around 8 mths after our first Bengal, Osiris who is an indoor cat. I took the Thor the new kitten into the bedroom and I stayed with him the first night, whilst my partner stayed with Ossie on the Sofa bed as didn't want Ossie feeling left out and blame the new arrival. The next day they were introduced under close supervision and after a few minutes of intense sniffing and protesting from Ossie, they got on fine and with in about 3 days were the best of friends, much to my relief. After about a week together we took this photo of them.


Hopefully you will have as a positive experience and they will bond as quickly as ours did. I would recommend from my own experience to keep them separated for a little while and allow Tia to get a little used to the new smell :)

I should also add that having a playmate to chase around the flat, play fight with and lick to death has made Ossie a much happier and contented cat. Getting a second Bengal was the best thing we've ever done. Their antics are always making us laugh and they adore each other.

Best of luck :D


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PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2006 4:50 pm 
The Boss
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Tia will probably accept the new addition within hours, But the kitten will take some time to adjust to the new surroundings!

As noggle said.....Just give her/him a safe place to run to if the going gets rough.....They'll hiss, spit and also swear quite a bit when they first meet but don't worry its all about getting the pecking order sorted out!

Heres a link to a post when Evvie and Tally first met:-

Be sure to take some pics of the litter when you go and see them so we can have a peek too (if your breeder doesn't mind).....we've not seen baba bengals on the site for ages now, so it'd be a real treat for us all! :wink:

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