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PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 5:02 pm 
Bengal Kitten

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I'm what some would call a fool. I am 23, first year out of college in my first job. It is a stressful job but I made a decision to buy a Bengal. I always knew i wanted one as I am allergic and I've had researched them. I bought a beautiful girl this past March.

Let me share with you what has happened. Nala is very energetic, gets bored of all her toys and I do even play with her 30 minutes a day. She constantly attacks my hands, climbs on everything and meows all day. I have tried everything to keep her from biting and to keep her off my counters. My roommates resent me for getting this cat as well.

She likes snuggling only for a short amount of time the rest she just knocks things over and yes. I did do research and didn't think it would be this terrible. I am a first time pet owner and the negatives of her are more than the positives. I am not getting any enjoyment out of her other than when she is loving and calm. I cannot sleep more than 5 hours because she will not let me. I made a bad life decision. Do you think for someone in my stage of life should have a Bengal after what I told you? I love her and don't want to give her back to the breeder, but I may. Thoughts?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:36 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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These things didn't come up when you did research? They aren't that unusual of behaviors for bengals. 30 minutes a day is not really a lot of play time, either, especially if you aren't outright exhausting her. You got one of the highest energy cat breeds out there, and she's bored, and this is what bored cats do. It sounds like you're looking for justification to give her back, but you don't really need anyone's permission. I don't think it is responsible to adopt a pet and not make the commitment, but, neither is is proper for her to be neglected.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:37 am 
Asian Leopard Cat
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I agree with 7Deadly$ins, but I'll add a few other comments in the hopes that you understand where this went wrong, and don't make the same (or similar) mistake again.

From what you've said, your criteria for a cat is mainly:
* cuddles and is affectionate
* stays off counters
* is quiet
* is calm
* doesn't play rough
* won't bother you (much) about playing
* lets you sleep soundly at night

Ok, so if I were to choose a cat based on those criteria, I would probably choose an elderly persian or ragdoll (except for the allergy thingy). You say you did your research. That is laughable, because apparently that "research" led you chose a cat at the very very very VERY wrong end of the spectrum. And let's be clear... it's not HER, all of those things that you describe are PERFECTLY NORMAL for a young bengal. And quite frankly, if those are the *worst* problems you have encountered, that's small potatoes compared to what many have endured. The was a lady here a few years back who had to express (help her cat pee/poo) every day, and feed her cat through tubes. Keep that in mind while you make a huge deal out of a cat wanting to play with you.

But yea, you made a really really ill-advised choice. Best to correct that mistake by returning the cat to her breeder, or to a shelter, and move on, now knowing that you are in no position to own a bengal.

The little monsters 3

PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2018 2:50 am 
Asian Leopard Cat

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If you love her then you would really need to make changes in your own life/routine to keep her happy. This means more time interacting and playing with her, several times a day to wear her out each time. Putting up cat tree's in your apartment and play area's, maybe investing in a cat wheel. This is a life long commitment. She might get more cuddly as she ages, she is just a BABY right now. Mine were not very cuddly until later in life. They were just very busy-body as babies/young cats. They are still energetic but will cuddle when not zooming around the house.

Personally I would never recommend any type of cat for someone who does not want them on counters or to knock stuff over. That is basic (any cat) behavior. A bengal is just turbo mode. You basically have to be able to laugh when your cat ruins things. My bengal broke a computer monitor, oh well! When I bought a new TV I got one of those TV stands it attaches with bolts to so they can't knock it over. You live and learn. Anything I don't want them to destroy is put away, behind glass or bolted down lol. My plants are all velcro'd down... but one they like to rip out by the roots. I may just toss that one out. :P

I would never recommend a Bengal for someone with roommates, what may be cute to the owner may be really annoying to roommates (it is not their cat after-all), especially if they start knocking over or stealing your roommates things. So I can see why they would be getting annoyed.

Only you can really decide if you can change your lifestyle for this baby. You can look up Great Lakes Bengal Rescue, they are a great rescue and take many cats from the midwest. If you are not in that area, they can put you in contact with another rescue. It is a much better option than a shelter as she can get a foster home until a new family is found. Bringing back to the breeder may be another option.

If you want to see crazy... I live with 2 bengals (soon to be 3) and a border collie mix... all my pets are high energy/drive and that's why I chose them! On the days I work...I work 12 hour shifts (nurse) and come home, feed and play, cuddle the cats and then do agility outside in the dark with my dog. My feet beg me to go sit down but screw my feet.... they can't boss me around lol

PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2018 4:48 pm 
Asian Leopard Cat

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First of all, welcome to our forum. The previous posts are a little hard on you, but they are spot on. Bengals are challenging. They are not like any other cat you've ever owned and they never will be. Bengals get bored very easily. They are not smugglers and lap cats. Some are, but most are not. All cats go where they want to go. It is next to impossible to keep them off counters. I just pick mine up and put him on the floor.

As for the attacking, that is usually because the cat is bored. 30 minutes of playtime a day is really not enough for a bengal. You may want to try some interactive toys they can play with on their own, but bengals are very social animals and they want that connection to their humans.

As for the vocalization -- bengals are highly vocal. Mine yowls at the top of his lungs especially when he wants food or his daily walks. It's especially annoying at 2 a.m. when he is also jumping up on the dresser, my make up table and trying to knock things off.

Calling yourself a fool is not going to help. Unfortunately when it comes to bengals, YOU are the one who has to adjust -- not the cat. You've got a hybrid with wild blood from the Asian Leopard Cat -- and there are just some traits you will never change.

When you got your bengal, you made a commitment to love and care for it for the kitty's life. I know you are frustrated, but your bengal is acting 100% normal. This is what a bengal is and bengal kittens especially love to attack hands. This is why you have toys to redirect their attention. Or, if you're trying to hold your cat or force the lap or snuggling, the cat is going to react.

Bengals are sweet cats. I keep telling myself it's not Raiden's fault he is a bengal. Mine behaves like a normal bengal, too. It seems the me the only thing you need to attempt to deal with is the attacking of your hands. Have toys handy. Bengals love to bunny kick toys, so have some kickaroos. Trying to keep yours off the counters? It is next to impossible and I don't think it's good to have counters covered with aluminum foil. There are motion-activated air canisters that you can purchase, but you might set them off. Mine does not jump on the counter daily. It's usually while I'm preparing the food for him. But, like I said, I just pick him up and put him on the floor.

Make sure your home is catified. Bengals require at least one tall cat tree, lots of toys, especially wand toys. Those are their favorites. They need lots of spaces to sleep and they do enjoy cat beds.

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