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PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2014 9:05 pm 
Bengal Kitten
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Hello All,

It is with a very sad heart that I am having to look for a new home for my beautiful baby boy "Howl". I have thought long and hard about this and considered every other alternative, but for various health and personal reasons as a result of a massive change in circumstances, I am unable to offer Howl the standard of life he has been used to and deserves. It is only fair on him that he has the best home possible and I can't give him that, which is why I am looking for someone who can offer him a loving forever home.

Howl is a male silver bengal, he does not have papers but is a pure bengal and he will be 3 years old on the 13th May this year. He is litter trained, fully vaccinated and up to date with flea and worming treatment (he has one Advocate spot on once a month). One VERY important issue I need to stress now is that although Howl is a very healthy happy cat, he has feline asthma. This does not affect his health overall and will not cause any problems in the future so long as the condition is managed properly. Most of the time he is fine and you wouldn't know he had asthma but occasionally when it flares up he has asthma attacks, these sound like coughing fits similar to the sound cats make when trying to bring up hairballs, but with Howl the cough is due to asthma NOT hairballs. When he has the attacks, he requires an inhaler to be administered twice a day until the asthma attacks subside and his breathing gets less "noisy" (normally clears within a week or two). He already has a mask for administering the inhalers and the inhalers themselves are normal human ones which you get from a chemist with a prescription from the vet. The inhalers cost £30 each and last 6-12months depending how often he has attacks. So as long as you keep on top of it it's a relatively inexpensive condition to treat. Obviously I will go through how to administer the inhaler properly with any new owner but I need someone who is going to be confident enough to administer his inhaler. I reiterate: the asthma is perfectly manageable and will not cause any other issues or reduce his lifespan so long as it is properly managed.

Howl is a VERY friendly boy and will go to anyone for fuss and attention, as you can see in the photo's he really does love his cuddles!! He can occasinally be vocal when he wants food or attention but normally he's fairly quiet. He loves to play fetch and will steal pens and pencils if they are left lying around! He has also learnt a few tricks like sit, high five and beg already and I'm sure with a bit of time would have no trouble learning more, he seems to enjoy it. He has been fussed from day one in out house so he is one of the most laid back cats I've ever seen, you can almost do anything with him so administering medicines/vet trips/health checks etc etc are very easy. He is very loving and follows me around the house and if I shut him out of a room (bathroom for example), he waits outside until I come out bless him! Oh he loves boxes and I mean REALLY loves boxes, within 10 seconds of one being on the floor he'll be in it! :)

He is kept on a high quality diet and ideally will remain on this as lower quality foods with additives will make his asthma worse. He is currently fed on Acana 70% meat content dry food and has occasional 60% meat content fish pouches as well as raw meat (beef heart, chicken wings/thighs/legs, lamb mince etc). He is also an indoor cat and I would ask that he remain as such in his new home, he is harness trained and will happily wander around outside on his harness, but he tries to chase anything that moves including car wheels when he's been out on his harness in the past (despite being generally very intelligent, with some things he is pretty dim!) so obviously for this reason he needs to stay inside to avoid any road accidents, unless you have a secure and escape proof garden or run.

Ideally I would like any potential new owners to come and meet Howl first so that I can make sure you will provide a good home for him and also that you and he are a "right fit" for each other. Obviously he would go to any new home with all of his accessories (including toys, 4ft tall scratching tree, litter boxes, food, inhaler etc). He has lived happily with other cats in the past and does like to "mother" them and look after them it seems! He has had a couple of encounters with dogs owned by family members but never lived with one so I'm not sure how he would be in a household with a dog. I am based in Liverpool and obviously any potential new owners would need to come here to meet us, but we are just off the M62 so very easy to access. I hope I've covered most things, probably a bunch of stuff I've forgotten but if there is anything else you would like to know, please ask! :)

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