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 Post subject: life's difficulties
PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 2:13 pm 
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This is a little rant and hobby horse of mine so you must excuse me . . .

I was thinking a lot about this as a result of the thread about the little kitten bought from a byb, re anjielovescats.

I was touched by the whole situation and, you will be shocked, touched by the young girl who was selling off her kittens cheaply as she was unable to deal with or afford them. I was struck by the fact that she didn't just dump them also. I can see how this situation could have arisen for someone young and naive and, so long as she learns from it, I don't think it means that she is an evil person. Perhaps her finances went awry. Perhaps she lost some kind of support that she was counting on. Life is not always straightforward for people.

I used to work in the forensic psychiatric field for a while and had contact with people who were unwell but had been or were stepping into living in society. I also have had contact with various agencies re animals, and underprivilaged and homeless people.

What has really saddened me over the years is that very often an animal is found to be in difficulties but no one looks at the owner. For instance, neighbours were disgusted when a dog was found abandoned in a flat. No one thought to look for the boy who owned him, dismissing him as a useless druggie. He was found hanging from a tree several days later.

I have also seen the sad scenario in which the underclass boy buys himself a staffie (for US forum members, a staffordshire bull terrier favoured by extra thin, slightly scary, young men in baseball caps) because he has wanted a dog since he was 5 and would love to be loved. Unfortunately, the boy has never been cared for properly himself and so has no clue how to deal with the puppy. He has grown up suspicious of all agencies, including those that might have been able to help him with training and even veterinary care and nuetering, and so the whole situation turns into a nightmare for dog and boy alike.

The dog is confiscated and the boy castigated. The dog now has no home and the boy is now convinced that the agencies are his enemy and, sadly, deep in his heart the gnawing self doubt has become self hatred.

Yes, I am ranting. And I do not include adult people able to afford to own large farm buildings who breed puppies in filthy vans in my plea for understanding, or those who dispose of greyhounds in sacks in rivers or people who repeatedly breed substandard bengal kittens in unsuitable situtions.

What I would like to see is more communication between the agencies. For instance, if an animal is found abandoned, the police should be informed and the owner should be looked for - and not just for the purposes of punishment. A lot of youths disappear due to mental breakdown and then die lonely and awful deaths on the street.

I would also like to see the RSPCA and similar have a more friendly image. While their work in bringing prosecutions is very very valuable, I wish that they had a branch that would step in and help - in a non-judgemental way - before confiscations became necesary. I know that they do this to a degree, but the uniform is offputting and perhaps inappropriate in this kind of pre-emptive action. Outreach centres run by very friendly, cheerfull and kind people who were not too old or "posh" would be a good start.

Anyway, I guess this post may cause havoc. Please don't flame me to bits.

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