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 Post subject: tiger male bengal
PostPosted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:14 am 
Bengal Kitten

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Mu husband sold a lap top to a woman back in Feb. When he went to drop off her computer he was able to see her Bengal kitty he kept getting inside of his box where he was going to put all of his tools. The lady says to mike "I think he wants to go home with you " Mike Loves the cat ! he came home an told me an our kids we I all thought he was nuts. We always told the kids no pets in the house only out doors. Mike an i also had a very bad experience with 2 pure breed cats we had indoors back in upstate Ny. Our Persian liked to potty on the floor. Mike said never again no more cats. So,I couldn't believe it when he said sheila,"you need to go an look at this cat. i am thinking about bringing him home. Now to the issue i am having with this cat. Boy have I got a lot to learn about Bengal cats! At first my husband said the cat is just being dominant toward me. Our Bengal has attacked all of my limbs now at one point or another an just recently he bit me on my calve so hard it bleed. i don't know why he does this or what triggers him but i am the ONLY one he acts this way to. It is way more than a love bite. he clamps his jaws right into my wrist or the other day it was my calve. my husband an i are interested to know if anyone else has these issues with there Bengal please share.

 Post subject: Re: tiger male bengal
PostPosted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:59 pm 
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Welcome to our forum. It is really difficult to assess your situation as this bengal was re-homed and nobody knows the type of life this boy had lived in his previous home. It's really odd that one would simply re-home their bengal because it appeared to want to go home with your husband.

You also didn't pinpoint the exact month the bengal came to your home. If it was February, then five months would be ample time for the kitty to acclimate to his new surroundings. Do know that bengals are very intuitive. Are you scared of him? Apprehensive of him? Male bengals want to get the upper hand. Who is the main caregiver? Feeding, playing, etc.? 99% of bengals are not aggressive and will not attack you without reason! Was he abused by another female? We don't know. But you are going to have to gain his trust -- or you simply stay away from him. Since you are the only one he attacks .... this is truly behavioral and he has an issue with you. If you are not the primary person who feeds him, start there. Use a very soft voice around him. You do not have to interact with him, but he needs to know he has nothing to fear from you.

The other thing -- cat bites generally become infected, so truly be careful! And do not show any fear or intimidation from him. I know there was an episode of My Cat From Hell that dealt with a girl who was so terrified of her cat and he just continually attacked her. It was several seasons ago.

Also, make sure that your home it catified! Bengals must have a tall cat tree as they love being high up. They need lots of toys and human interaction. They are a challenging breed, to say the least, but they are loving and very sweet cats. I would definitely have questioned someone simply letting their bengal go -- you don't let a cat leave if you truly love them. That would raise my suspicions right there.

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